So it's 2023 and we're already mid-way through January! if you're anything like us, you may have already broken your 'New Year Resolutions'... but that's okay! We much prefer to introduce new habits which are low pressue and easy to keep. Things such as adding one additional item to your skincare routine is much easier to keep than signing your self up to expensive hydrafacials each much! Or how about popping out at lunch-time for a 10 minute walk rather than joining a gym (and never going?).
Below, we've put together our top picks to help you introduce new habits...but still stay the same beautiful you!
Our 2023 New Habit Picks...

Crystal Clear Water Bottle – Amethyst Crystal Wand

Crystal Clear Water Bottle – Amethyst Crystal Wand

We love the range of Crystal Clear Water Bottles from Mindful Living Co. They're a fantastic way to up your water intake and also improve your wellbeing through the infusion of natural gemstones. We're currently using this Amethyst Wand Water Bottle which is great for creating a sense of inner calm and serenity as well as improving decision making and aiding sleep too! Just what's needed to make 2023 a success!

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Axel & Ash Press Pause Journal

Axel & Ash Press Pause Journal

The new year is a great time to start a new journalling habit. We love this Press Pause Journal from Aussie Stationery Brand Axel & Ash. Simply take 20 minutes out of your day or week and let your thoughts flow. The Journal is filled with un questions, thought-provoking prompts, inspiring stories with Beau Taplin, Elise Cook & more.  Plus, the beautiful hardback design in neautral grey and embossed details means this journal makes a great gift too!

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South Parade Off Duty Sweater

You might be full of aspirations and eager to achieve all your 2023 goals but it's also really important to relax; yup, that means days were you don't actually do very much! (Watching movies and eating snacks is fine!). We love this Off-duty sweater from South Parade for our 'off-duty' days...

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January 08, 2023

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