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Potty about Plants!

On Instagram, you'll find lots of wonderful accounts which are as potty about plants as we are, though, unlike us at Poppie Snow they manage to keep their plants live. To celebrate being totally potty about plants, and with hopes of keeping all plants alive we thought we'd share our favourite plant lover accounts and a few accessories you can find at Poppie Snow to help you bring nature indoors.

1. Add a touch of fun to your plants

Plant Pots at


We love how a crazy hair style has been created using a large, leafy plant and cute planter. Character pots and planters are a great way to add plants to your home-office or living area in a fun, cheeky way.

Recreate the look with:

Eyes and Lips Planter Poppie Snow
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2. Boho Plants & Cacti
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 If you're addicted to cacti, natural looks and earthy tones then @tribeandus is the plant-insta account for you. Offering daily snaps of various botanical and cactus displays, this is our go-to account for a plant-based pick-me-up.

Recreate the look with:

Scandi boho planter at Poppie Snow

Click to shop: Scandi Boho Planter


3. Adding a splash of colour

Colourful Plant Pots


Plant pots and planters are a great way to add a touch of colour to your home. Whether you decide to go with the same colour throughout, select a colour palette or go full on rainbow, the same as @53houseplantsandme, there is a great range of planters available.

Recreate the look with:

DOIY Rainbow Plant Pot

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