Good Vibes Scented Candle - Ginger Rhubarb and Vanilla

£18.00 £26.00
By Aery

Brand: Aery

A playful scented candle filled with comfort.

Spread the good vibes throughout your home with uplifting notes of rhubarb, warming ginger and soothing vanilla. Dive into this fruity, fun-loving fragrance to feel instantly uplifted.

Scents of rose will instil pure bliss whenever you're around this candle. Best placed in bedrooms and on coffee tables for an evening on the sofa.

Top notes Rhubarb and Orange.

Middle notes Ginger and Cinnamon.

Base notes Cedar, Vanilla and Clove.

Send out those good vibrations.

Candle Instructions

To the best out of your Aery candle, ensure your first burn is two hours long and try to resist the urge to burn for more than four hours. You should make sure the melt pool of the wax has reached the edge.

Keep out of direct sunlight, this could cause discolouring and potentially affect the wax as it’s likely to melt in the heat.