Brow Glue

By Browly

Ultra-strong staying power for your brows! The Browly Brow Glue holds even the most stubborn of brow hairs and helps you to achieve that 'laminted' look in an instant.

With an ultra-strong setting power, it locks your brow hairs into place all day long without sticking. The transparent, quick-drying formula with only four ingredients leaves no residue and has a matte, invisible finish.

And thanks precision applicator, you can apply the glue to individual hairs or the entire brow. The Browly Brow Glue is a must have product for your stubborn brows.

How to use

1: Using the precision applicator, apply a small amount of product to either individual brow hairs or the entire brow. The Brow Glue has an extremely strong hold - a small amount of product is totally sufficient. For the optimal result, we recommend wiping off any excess product from the applicator brush before applying. Since the formula is fast drying, style one brow first and then the other.

2: Brush your eyebrows into the desired shape with the bamboo brush. If the Brow Glue looks slightly milky during styling, let it dry - it dries matte and leaves no residue.

Our tip: As soon as the Brow Glue has dried, it will lock your eyebrows into the styled shape. Avoid brushing through your brows afterwards, as this can tear out brow hairs.

More Details
  • 100% Vegan
  • Comes with ecofriendly bamboo spooilie
  • Ingredients - Polyacrylate, Alcohol, Aqua, Benzoic acid