Positive Energy Scented Candle - Pink Grapefruit Vetiver and Mint

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By Aery

Brand: Aery

An invigorating scented candle.

A mix of carefully selected essential oils and perfumes. Uplifting grapefruit fills your home with punchy fresh and juicy notes.

A fresh and zesty home fragrance that’s sure to boost your mood and contribute to your energy levels.

Scents as uplifting as Positive Energy are well suited for morning rituals, invigorating yoga practices and filling your home with positive vibes. Mint helps stimulate focus making these great home office additions, get some creativity flowing!

Top notes Lemon and Vetiver.

Middle notes Grapefruit and peppermint.

Base notes Amber and Violet Leaf.

Manifest your Positive Energy.

Candle Instructions

To get the best out of your Aery candle, ensure your first burn is two hours long and try to resist the urge to burn for more than four hours. You should make sure the melt pool of the wax has reached the edge.

Keep out of direct sunlight, this could cause discolouring and potentially affect the wax as it’s likely to melt in the heat.