Black Obsidian Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool


A must have glow-up accessory from Mount Lai. This Black Obsidian Gua Sha is a perfect addition to your skincare routine and a must-have beauty tool.

The benefits of Black Obsidian?

Unlike the other stones, Black Obsidian naturally retains warmth and is great to use on congested, blemish prone skin. The warmth of the Obsidian encourages stimulation of the lymphnatic system and circulation. To warm our Black Obsidian Gua Sha it is recommended you place it in a glass of warm water.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha has been practiced in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Perfected throughout the centuries, this Amethyst Gua Sha tool was built to have a firming, lifting effect on the skin.

What it does?

Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, Gua Sha has a multitude of  benefits including:

+ Promotes lymphatic drainage

+ Reduces puffiness and fluid buildup

+ Relieves facial and jaw tension

+ Aids in circulation to give skin a glow

+ Firms and lifts the face over time

How to use?

Not sure how to use? All Mount Lai products come with their own set of instructions including a facial diagram. You can also use the following set of instructions:

1. Start with a clean face and prep skin with a facial oil or serum

2. Keep the tool flat against the face and begin with the forehead. Scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.

3. Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outward motion starting from the crease of the nose to the ear.

4. Move to the jawline and use the end of the Gua Sha tool with the two curves. Start from the chin and scrape towards the ear.

5. For the under-eye area, very gently scrape the Gua Sha tool from the inner corner of the eye outwards towards the temply.

Brand Mount Lai

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